Prime International Courier & Cargo is one of India’s leading packaging and transporting companies, with the capabilities and international freight forwarding networks to ensure the safe and reliable transport of your goods via Sea Freight Shipping Service Ahmedabad. This service is convenient for companies which require shipping of heavy consignments. With Port To Port Shipping Service companies can freely operate with the cargo at any given time. We load cargo on ship and prepare the shipping documentation. Ocean transport is an important part of the world’s economy. Shipments are bifurcated according to its nature, size, type etc by working suitable transportation arrangement by selecting an appropriate carrier for every shipment.

We provide customized Air Freight products allowing customers to coordinate your cargo even more flexible and resourcefully. Our major trade lines are from India to USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. We offer shipments which provide best rates even if the shipment is small to fill the container. Our customer care executives will provide assistance to you in booking and at the same time provide documentation support with regular updates for the duration of your shipment. They work 24*7 to provide precise solutions to your problem and provide efficient delivery. If customers happen to have any questions or concerns at any time, we have a dedicated customer support team who will be happy to help via phone and email.

Port To Port Shipping Service

We serve customer worldwide everyday and are able to transport to most of the destinations around the world, ensuring on-time delivery, secure parcel and safety of the courier. Our customer care officials are there to help you whenever you need. We streamline processes by eliminating issues with multiple carrier bills. Cost of shipment is lower when it comes to Sea Cargo Service Ahmedabad even if the distance is very long; container being fully or partly loaded. We also provide custom clearance includes custom declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other formalities. As we have our own custom house agents, custom clearance process is faster.

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