Prime International Courier & Cargo offers efficient customs clearance assistance and has been the successful inaccurate custom clearance of International Cargo every time. Custom Clearance includes the custom declaration, inspection, taxation, release, and other formalities. As we have our own custom house agents, custom clearance process is faster. There are no hidden charges all charges will be declared before the courier is delivered. This is particularly useful when sending high-value shipments that require special paperwork or handling. We offer a range of non-standard import and export clearance and handling services.

Now-a-days Imports and Export of goods are done every day, which has increased custom clearance International Parcel Service Provider. These companies make sure your goods will reach their destination safely in optimum time. Making legal custom requirements of each country easy, in order to make transit process smooth. Transportation and shipping of products happen through various routes. During Custom Clearance Service all documents are verified that meet the country requirements and reduces your duty and tax liability. For smooth shipment of goods getting custom clearance service is extremely important.

International Parcel Services

There are lots of legal formalities involved while providing import and export of goods so it is important to understand custom clearance rules. Customs clearance involves the clearing of goods through customs barrier for importers and exporters. Involving the preparation of documents and electronic submissions, calculation, and payment of taxes, duties, and excises and facilitating communication between authorities and importers and exporters.

Tips to follow for fast custom clearance

  • Include all waybill to the goods.
  • Invoices should be provided with a correct declaration of the origin of the goods.
  • Required documents such as invoices, certificates, statements etc shouldn’t be put inside the consignment.
  • While International shipping, check if the consignment needs to pass through customs, add atleast four copies of a commercial invoice.
  • Additional documentation is needed in order to have the goods passed through customs.
  • When shipment is temporarily in aboard, use a temporary export document.
  • Include tax identity number of the receiving party.

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