Courier Consolidation Service is provided by a freight forwarder in which several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together to avail better freight rates and security of cargo. People avail these service when they want a cost-effective shipment. Courier Consolidation Service can substantially reduce your courier cost – in some cases by as much as 30% so that greater profitability can be achieved, whether you are importer or exporter. These services are highly beneficial when you need to time your deliveries regularly for the beginning of a week, or if you want to deliver internationally frequently.

Shipping charges are applied to every shipment; this means that even if your package is small, the associated cost of pick-up and handling could be similar to larger shipments. By making a consolidation shipment, the minimum charge per package will be eliminated. Whether you are start-up business, an established online merchant or e-commerce Prime International Courier & Cargo provides a range of International Courier Service, combining with technology and innovation we have become one of the best service providers appreciated by our customers worldwide.

International Express Delivery Service

Our trained professionals work constantly to fulfill your demands and provide accurate solutions to the customers. As in Consolidation Services many parcels are combined and treated as large parcel, while packing these parcels every consignment should be taken care, especially for fragile commodities. Our package team works efficiently so the parcels reach proper condition. Whether it is normal shipment or consolidation we take equal care, consolidation are better options when it comes to small parcels. Many companies avail this service, the parcel reaches the destination at similar time as normal courier services ahmedabad.

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